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An ordinary memory sits like a photograph in a family album. It’s always available to visit by thumbing through the album. A trauma memory is not pasted into the photo album; like getting lost in the attic of our mind, it goes into the unconscious. Dissociation happens when a trauma memory becomes a photo ripped into pieces and scattered across the attic floor. Join us as we learn about a powerful novel that has taken the dry discussion of trauma memories and dissociation and turned it into a powerful and moving experience of a young girl’s journey and struggle with dissociation.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Jeanne McElvaney - Jeanne is a survivor of child sexual abuse and the author of multiple books including a unique novel entitled Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story in which the main character Abby Carter will grab your heart and turn your world upside down in a story that takes you to a deep, experiential understanding of dissociated trauma memories. Jeanne is also a retreat facilitator who likes to celebrate and explore the personal spirit, self-empowerment, and energy insights.