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How does a good God let bad things happen to children? Where was God when I was being abused? Why didn't God protect me? Many survivors have asked themselves these questions over the years and in this segment you'll hear about the spiritual journey of three survivors who dared to ask the questions and listen for the answers. Join us as we embrace and celebrate spirituality as part of the full and joyous recovery from child sexual abuse.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Thom Hunter - Thom is an author and speaker in the field of sexual brokenness: unwanted same-sex attraction, pornography addiction, sexual abuse, adultery and lust. He is an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and previously struggled with sexual identity. Thom's newest book is Surviving Sexual Brokenness: What Grace Can Do, published by Westbow Press in 2010. He writes regularly on sexual brokenness and faith in his blog: Signs of a Struggle. Thom is a former newspaper editor and publisher and former Oklahoma Chief of Staff for AT&T. He taught public relations writing at the University of Oklahoma for five years as an adjunct professor in the Gaylord School of Journalism. He is a former media relations representative for AT&T where he represented the company in television, radio and print interviews.

Laurie Ann Smith - Laurie is the youngest of seven children. She was born into a home of abuse and dysfunction, a home full of domestic violence and sexual violence between her parents. Laurie was sexually assaulted by her 21 year old brother when she was 8 years old and he was 21. Two of her brothers committed suicide over the years, and she was headed on the same path as an adult, always planning her suicide in hopes of finally ending the pain. At the age of 41, Laurie had an experience that changed her life for good, and turned her life, her heart, her spirit and her soul around. She had a spiritual experience that wou
ld change her life forever.

Rae Luskin - Rae has a BFA from Roosevelt University and an MA in Urban Planning from Loyola University. She has been a leader in the community for the last sixteen years with National Council of Jewish Women and J-CARES (Jewish Community Abuse, Response, Education and Solutions). Rae is a gifted artist and teacher. Her art work is featured in Shine the Light by Rachel Lev and can be found in numerous private collections. Always finding ways to balance her artistic side with her desire to build a world that is free from violence, Rae used her years of experience working with both children and adults to nurture self worth, creativity and resilience to published Art From My Heart in October of 2010.